ABout Waking Bear

Waking Bear is a  soul-pop-rock band in Olympia, Washington putting out high frequency originals 🎵🎸🎹🥁🎤🎶⚡. Uplifting audiences into the deep joy 🤩 and love ❤. Songwriters. Musicians. Open hearts. Founded in 2018 by Noah Bear, Waking Bear brings a high vibe, uplifting energy to their songwriting and performances. 

Waking Bear is about coming out of hibernation, awakening to the deep love and joy that is available to all of us. 

The Waking Bear awoke early one spring. He was hungry, for food, for mating, but most of all for life. Waking bear had seen many summers, but knew there were only so many summers a bear would see.  Waking Bear's parents had both fallen ill recently.  So rather than feeding on berries and hunting for salmon, Waking Bear climbed to the high peak overlooking the kingdom to yell, to pray,  to sing and to dance. Waking Bear danced all day and all night. Waking Bear knew he would never hibernate again.

Waking Bear sings for you, for all of us, that we may remember our true nature and join together as one family of earth to lift each other up, opening our hearts to the deep divine love. May we all tune our hearts to this frequency and live in celebration and gratitude.

Noah Bear, Olympia, Waking Bear

 Noah Bear 

Lead Vocals, Guitar, Mouth Trumpet, possessed by higher love at times

I write songs and play guitar because how it makes me feel...uplifted, expanded, grateful, open-hearted and joyful .

I taught myself to play guitar when I was  a kid. For years I was way better at air guitar than I was at actually playing. That was during the grunge era when I had a chance to play in the LA based bands: Internal Therapy, Tabula Rasa and Field Trip. After moving to Olympia in 2009, my friend Evan introduced me to Matt and Erin and we formed a new band called Guru Junior. We wrote a dozen originals and even got to play a couple music festivals. It was so much fun. Playing in Guru Junior really stretched me as a musician because, though I was mostly a rhythm guitarist, it was the first time I played lead guitar and composed my own solos. Besides my love for music, I love my kids to the moon and back and I'm crushed out on my sweetheart, Ivy.

 Ivy Jordanne, Keyboardist, Vocalist

Ivy Jordanne

Lead Vocals, Keyboards, walking between realms, unicorn status,  mama to Lady Bug

Raised in a musical family, I grew up singing and my mother taught me to play piano. I lived in San Francisco for nearly a decade singing and playing keyboard/synth in various bands and music projects, playing live shows at local venues and livin’ it up! Music styles ranged from indie-rock and singer/songwriter to electro-dance. Simultaneously, I was on an inner journey of growth, spiritual connection and self-awareness. Music projects and jam sessions continued during the two years I lived in Maui, Hawaii, where I began to combine my vocal chant ceremony singing with my songwriting style. I followed my heart to Olympia to be with my love, Noah, where our mutual love of music naturally entwined into our current music project, and I look forward to exploring this new singing expression in songs I write with Waking Bear.

Daniel Fisch, Guitarist

Daniel Fisch

Lead Guitar, Transmitting magical uplifting solos of glorious rainbows

I was born in Ithaca, NY in 1988 and started learning guitar at the age of 17. By 21 I started getting serious about being a musician.  I'm influenced by traditional country guitar and blues as well as folk and contemporary rock. Inspired to perform in a band as a opportunity to spread love contagiously and give people a grand ole groovy time, I like adventures, mind blowing concepts, and breakfast.

Nick Cholas, Drummer


Drums / Percussion / Cow bell and mind control beats that make the audience dance

Funky drummer from Rochester, New York. Played percussion through most of school but started really playing kit in my sophomore year and haven't stopped since. Ended up playing in college, an entertainment-company and a lot of groups with many varying styles. I've always had a love for all kinds of music and I've carried that with me into my playing. I love music, and I'll never stop spreading the love!