“And if the elevator tries to bring you down. Go Crazy, PUNCH A higher floor!”

Waking Bear is an indie-rock band from Olympia, Washington putting out high frequency originals 🎵🎸🎹🥁🎤🎶⚡. Uplifting audiences into  joy 🤩 and love ❤. Songwriters. Musicians. Open hearts. Founded in 2018 by Noah, Waking Bear brings a high vibe, uplifting energy to their songwriting and performances.

Waking Bear is about coming out of hibernation, awakening to the deep love and joy that is available to all of us.

The Waking Bear awoke early one spring. He was hungry, for food, for mating, but most of all for life. Waking bear had seen many summers, but knew there were only so many summers a bear would see.  Waking Bear’s parents had both fallen ill recently.  So rather than feeding on berries and hunting for salmon, Waking Bear climbed to the high peak overlooking the kingdom to yell, to pray,  to sing and to dance. Waking Bear danced all day and all night. Waking Bear knew he would never hibernate again.

Waking Bear sings for you, for all of us, that we may remember our true nature and join together as one family of earth to lift each other up, opening our hearts to the deep divine love. May we all tune our hearts to this frequency and live in celebration and gratitude.