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Aha Moment

Brushed off the feels now here’s the storm   

Got caught in the downpour   

After release it’s always better now   

Aligning more and more   

Take on my feels to the fullest now   

Holding space for myself   

Here comes the storm again   

With present consciousness   

This always amplifies my force of creation   

Here comes the bliss   

Here comes the fun   

Right now right here we’re all one   

Hot spring in winter snow   

Chills rising my vibes alive   

Your gifts are seen by me don’t ya know   

With me you cannot hide   

Let’s get intimate in overdrive   

Swim past our stories eyes   

Where the magic of us lies   

Here comes the bliss   

Here comes the fun    

Right now right here we’re all one and we feel   

Infinite.  limitless   

Infinite.  limitless   

Letting go of old beliefs   

Holding us back from the truth we seek   

Infinite.  limitless    

Infinite.  limitless   

Breath in the sun   

Root in as the trees do   

We’re infinite. We’re limitless   

Lit with possibilities   

What will you be?