Bigfoot Information

Bigfoot Song And Video Information

Are we Bigfoot fanatics? Lol, it might seem that way from the number of Bigfoot information articles we have and our hit song, Bigfoot (video above). I’ve (Noah) been fascinated with the big guy since I was a kid and first watched “Leonard Nimoy’s In Search Of” on the topic of Bigfoot. But I’ve never been on a Bigfoot search party and I don’t claim to know for sure that he exists as some kind of humanoid offshoot. I have taken a huge liking to the native american story that Bigfoot is an inter-dimensional being, a gentle giant who communicates telepathically and who can shift in and out of the earth realm. Whether Bigfoot is real or not, it feels to me that the fascination and suspense we feel when we think about Bigfoot is really a displaced desire to know the origins of the universe and to commune with the higher realms.