Waking Bear
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“What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” ~Waldo Emerson

We’re honored to be here and to share some deeply personal songs and stories. Our intention with sharing our songs and stories is to uplift us, to shift into gratitude and appreciation for life, to realize that no matter what we go through, no matter how tough it might get at times, we’re all so lucky to be alive, to be on this journey together. ??????⚡??

On the deepest level the misfortunes we experience serve us, if we allow them to. There are beautiful gifts borne out of our suffering. Not to minimize how painful things can feel sometimes. But at some point after the shock of suffering, we might find we have a choice, to feel victimized and righteous, or to trust that any difficult struggle might be the birth of something wonderful.

Anything devastating, heartbreaking, painful, frightening can lead to love, joy and appreciation for life…if we tend to our wounds, if we grieve and if we allow ourselves to become more loving at the broken places. So we hope you’ll join us for a show and take a journey into your heart. Through misfortune, into fortune. Through grief, into love. Through our wounds and burdens and into gratitude.

Noah Bears R.

Lead Vocals, Guitar,
Mouth Trumpet,
possessed by higher
love at times
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Ivy Jordanne

Lead Vocals, Keyboards, walking between realms, unicorn status,
mama to Lady Bug.
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Daniel Fisch

Lead Guitar,
Transmitting magical uplifting solos of glorious rainbows.
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Scott Ercoliani

riding a wave called rhythm and having a f*#^ing blast doing it.
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Scotty Jones

Bassist, Teacher,
Perpetual Learner
and Rootsy Groove Master

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Poe & Fin

Pretty much ruling the roost and doing whatever we want

I’m Poe. Finn’s my little cousin, he’s in the spirit world already.  We still play together. I’m a super loving cat, but I can’t help hunting all night and sleeping most of the day. It’s just in my nature. It’s what I do. I’m cool with it because I know that, on the soul level, all of us are okay, even the birds, mice, rabbits and squirrels that I catch.




Roaming the neighborhood and hanging out with any family that feeds him

Yeah, I was a puppy in this pic, but I’m almost 5 years old now! I’m pretty much Lady Bug’s big brother (see next bio). She tries to lick my face all the time and follows me everywhere. My dad, Noah, even called lady bug my mini-me. So annoying! Anyway, I love to fetch balls and play tug-of-war. Other than that, I’m pretty much all about eating and snuggling.
Lady Bug

Playing, Eating, Sleeping, Pooping

I don’t really know how I got into this band. I don’t even play an instrument. But I am pretty fucking cute and the ladies seem to love me.