“And if the elevator tries to bring you down. Go Crazy, PUNCH A higher floor!”

Waking Bear for Arts Watch Olynpia

Waking Bear is an indie-rock-soul-pop band in Olympia, Washington putting out high frequency originals 🎵🎸🎹🥁🎤🎶⚡. Uplifting audiences into  joy 🤩 and love ❤. Songwriters. Musicians. Open hearts. Founded in 2018 by Noah, Waking Bear brings a high vibe, uplifting energy to their songwriting and performances.

Waking Bear is about coming out of hibernation, awakening to the deep love and joy that is available to all of us.

NoAh BeAr

Lead Vocals, Guitar, Mouth Trumpet, possessed by higher love at times

I write songs and play guitar because how it makes me feel…uplifted, expanded, grateful, open-hearted and joyful . I taught myself to play guitar when I was  a kid. For years I was way better at air guitar than I was at actually playing. Thankfully I had the chance to play in some great bands over the years…but I never made music my living until I had a mid-life “crisis” a few years ago. My mom was diagnosed with stage-4 lung cancer and I realized life is too short to be doing things I don’t care about. I’m so grateful to finally have the confidence, courage and vision for writing and playing my own songs in a way I didn’t have as a kid.

Ivy Jordanne

Lead Vocals, Keyboards, walking between realms, unicorn status,  mama to Lady Bug

Raised in a musical family, I grew up singing and my mother taught me to play piano. I lived in San Francisco for nearly a decade singing and playing keyboard/synth in various bands and music projects, playing live shows at local venues and livin’ it up! Music styles ranged from indie-rock and singer/songwriter to electro-dance. Simultaneously, I was on an inner journey of growth, spiritual connection and self-awareness. Music projects and jam sessions continued during the two years I lived in Maui, Hawaii, where I began to combine my vocal chant ceremony singing with my songwriting style. I followed my heart to Olympia to be with my love, Noah, where our mutual love of music naturally entwined into our current music project, and I look forward to exploring this new singing expression in songs I write with Waking Bear.

Daniel Fisch

Lead Guitar, Transmitting magical uplifting solos of glorious rainbows

Born in Ithaca NY 1988, I started learning guitar at the age of 17 and got serious at 21. Influenced by gospel, traditional country guitar, soul and blues as well as folk and contemporary rock.
So much joy to write and perform with Waking Bear, we love to amplify good vibes and raise the vibrational frequency. I like adventures, mind-blowing concepts, and breakfast.

Cory Mahler

Bass Guitar, That groovy bass guitarist chin nod when Cory’s feeling the music

I am a Utah spawn of ’91, and grew up in a family of creative weirdos. Music has always been a vital part of my mind, playing whatever I get my hands on by ear. I really started learning how to process it all in vigorous college training. I’ve since composed under the guise: Flalaski for games and puppet theater, and finally, I found the pure joys of performing with fellow musicians in settings that motivate the listeners [Especially the dancing!]. Waking Bear resonates with much of why I feel music really matters, and I’m excited for it.



Playing the drums is being at home, in my own realm and I love every moment of it. Growing up in a musical family, I’ve played all styles of music, like country, rock, R&B and even classical. I also played in jazz band and lied to the music director, that I could read charts! THAT’S how bad I wanted to play. At the age of fifteen, I was playing in bars with the old “blues” musicians and getting kicked out after the set.

I started playing drums for my local church youth group when I was 10 years-old, and eventually..started playing in the main church services. When I was 18, I had expanded my playing in several bands, and more churches, because my name was locally known and I couldn’t say “NO”.

I have a 7 year old daughter now! She is my WHOLE world and would do anything for her! She loves playing the piano, and loves to sing. I also have my 3lb baby Chihuahua named “Momma,” my ride or die! She’s awesome. I love to ride my motorcycle as much as I can when I’m not playing music, hanging out with my girlfriend and her son to spend quality family time. Life is BEAUTIFUL and I can’t complain! I give all the glory to god, for my life and my talents 👊🏽👊🏽

PoE & FinN

Pretty much ruling the roost and doing whatever we want

I’m Poe. Finn’s my little cousin, he’s in the spirit world already.  We still play together. I’m a super loving cat, but I can’t help hunting all night and sleeping most of the day. It’s just in my nature. It’s what I do. I’m cool with it because I know that, on the soul level, all of us are okay, even the birds, mice, rabbits and squirrels that I catch.


Roaming the neighborhood and hanging out with any family that feeds him

Yeah, I was a puppy in this pic, but I’m almost 5 years old now! I’m pretty much Lady Bug’s big brother (see next bio). She tries to lick my face all the time and follows me everywhere. My dad, Noah, even called lady bug my mini-me. So annoying! Anyway, I love to fetch balls and play tug-of-war. Other than that, I’m pretty much all about eating and snuggling.


Playing, Eating, Sleeping, Pooping

I don’t really know how I got into this band. I don’t even play an instrument. But I am pretty fucking cute and the ladies seem to love me.


Daddy’s Girl & Trash Eater

Momma has a French accent, loves her blankets, nature, walks to the mailbox and eating our of the trash can when left unattended.