Waking Bear
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Daniel Benjamin Fisch

Born in Ithaca NY 1988, I started learning guitar at the age of 17 and got serious at 21. Influenced by gospel, traditional country guitar, soul and blues as well as folk and contemporary rock. So much joy to write and perform with Waking Bear, we love to amplify good vibes and raise the vibrational frequency. I like adventures, mind-blowing concepts, and breakfast.

The genesis of my alchemical entanglement with music was discovered as I played around on the household piano in Hatfield, Pennsylvania somewhere back in the mid 90’s. My parents saw the attraction I had to melody, harmony, and the acoustical grandeur of a piano and set me up with piano lessons. These only lasted a year as I was slow to develop sight reading sheet music, and multitasking abilities with both hands. So I gave up playing piano for over 10 years until I was 21 when I picked up the guitar and entered into the existential realms of inspiration and a deeper connection with not only music, but life, love, and the mysteries of the human enterprise. The guitar was versatile and mobile, I enjoyed the different sounds of acoustic and electric.

It was at that time music to me became a language of sentient consciousness beyond the small spectrum of ordinary conversation. A language of emotion that we can interpret from within and outside our own experiences in this ecology of souls.

It became true to me that this sound wave medium of art was my destiny and I pursued it with all the gusto and gumption I could tune in to. I took a few lessons and collaborated with everyone in my path who shared the same passion. Around age 26 I became seriously engaged with the psychedelic feeling I felt from playing the Blues, and since then I got to know my instrument in a whole new way, spent most of the time developing my own style mixing major and minor scales.

Through the ups and downs of this journey, playing guitar provided a solid foundation to keep me grounded, and to participate in the chemistry of opening the vortex of a musical experience others could move to and reciprocate in a beautiful way. The third enriching component was the communion of playing with my friends, we spoke this musical language together and brought some remarkable works of art into existence.

I’ve been through a handful of bands in the last decade of which I am truly grateful to learn new things and play my part. All this with earnest intentions to make the most of my life has led up to joining Waking Bear and this incredible journey to compose a theme that makes the potent connection to wholeness, healing, and that soul glow of love that radiates in all of us. From the bottom of my heart, I truly love and admire the beautiful souls who are my band mates. It’s such a blessing to collaborate with this creative team of artists to uplift our audience into higher states of love and connection to source.