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Holding Space

The first handful of times I shared this song, I cried. And I wondered if I’d ever be able to sing this without crying. These were not tears of sadness, they were tears of my heart expressing itself more raw and vulnerably than I ever have in a song. “Holding Space” is a love song I wrote for my love, Noah. The connection we share has taken me to depths in a romantic relationship beyond what I’ve ever known and created a space for me to share the entire rainbow of myself with another.

I love you Noah. Thank you for being a constant inspiration in my life to be more vulnerable, more in my power, share myself more with the world, and for being my best friend.

Thank you to Thomas Pell for the amazing recording, stand up bass addition, and help in the strings arrangement! Once the strings were added I started crying all over again because it was so beautiful! Lol. Thank you Audrey Baker for playing violin on this track so beautifully, and Holly Reeves for the gorgeous cello that gives me goosebumps!
Thank you to Daniel Benjamin Fisch and Cory Mahler for the guitar and bass melody lines of magic, Scotty Jones for blending the bass with my singing melody, and Scott Ercoliani for those emotive cymbal swells. Ivy