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Ivy Jordanne

Since I can remember, I have had a gift of seeing through the veil, aware in certain ways of the unseen world of spirits, energies, emotions and intentions. This sensitivity to unseen realms caused me a lot of confusion as a child and I became rather hidden with this empathic side of myself except with close friends. I can see now that music played a huge role in comforting me as a child, the higher language of music and song seeping into my being reassuring me on the bigger level that these extra sensory abilities were understood by the universe itself. I was lucky enough to be raised in a musical family where music was often playing in the home, my mother taught me piano and led the church choir, my father sings, and I was enrolled in singing and dancing groups as a young child. This is where I first realized I love to perform. I was soft-spoken and somewhat inward but truly lit up on the stage. Excited by change and adventure, when I was sixteen I asked my parents to attend a week-long summer camp in a city where I didn’t know anyone(purposefully jumping into situations outside my comfort zone for adventure is an on-going theme in my life) and they obliged. I performed in the camp talent show, singing a song I had written recently that had words and lyrics but no piano melody yet. I was super nervous as I walked onto the large stage in front of two hundred teenage peers and sang the song acapella. It was so quiet besides my small voice you could hear a pin drop. To my utter shock and amazement I received a standing ovation from the crowd! It was one of the most surreal moments of my life and I felt like the universe was telling me loud and clear to continue to write songs and share my voice with others.

Born a truth seeker, I’ve always asked the big philosophical life questions and began a spiritual path as a young adult, venturing outside the religious beliefs I was raised to believe were the only truth. On this journey, I came across like-hearted teachings and community, that resonated with my inner knowing, to explore my intuitive awarenesses more deeply, develop them, and openly share more of myself in safe spaces. Simultaneously, I was in several bands and music projects throughout the years(indie rock, indie dance), usually the lead singer, sometimes playing keys. This offered me a creative outlet as an artist, yet I was still rather hidden about my spiritual side and kept these worlds separate. 

This ever-expanding exploration of self and the world around me dissolved many limiting beliefs and nurtured self-love and acceptance, feeling safe from within and valuing my unique perceptions of human consciousness, giving rise to me being open and vocal in speaking my truth. Feeling safe from within gave me the confidence to outwardly be my eccentric self as an artist, bridging my song-writing with my shamanic side, chanting and connecting to higher consciousness. As musicians we often say we “wrote” a song, yet like many musicians I feel it’s less about writing and more about opening oneself up for higher vibrations to come through and help heal others and myself through sound. Sometimes what I sing is merely a specific vocal sound and note that wants to be heard at that moment in the song, which is a new and fun way to integrate lyrics with sound healing. Music is a cathartic form of release and expression, and continues to be a potent gateway for me to connect in to how I’m truly feeling, inspires me, helps me release pent up tears, and gives me strength to carry on during challenging times. I have such immense gratitude for all the songs that have touched my heart throughout my life! If I can provide that level of comfort and healing for even just one soul on this planet through song it would mean the world to me! 

I hold a belief that all life is sacred and all people have access to being aware of their own divinity and the oneness of all living beings, and I hope to activate and inspire this higher consciousness in others through music, intentionally creating a safe space for like-hearted community at live shows.