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LIttle Boy Sasha

This song is a true story about 10 year-old Sasha who lost both his parents. The song is a prayer for Sasha’s heart. I hope he will cry it out whenever he needs, stay tender with himself and tune into the love his mamma and papa are shinning on him. Noah Bears R.

Little boy Sasha, here without his mamma, 

found out she was dying.

Two states away, what could we say

to keep a child’s heart from breaking?

Hardest day of his life.

We prayed, God why?

How can we keep his heart from breaking?

Then I felt clearly deep in my bones: the loss I been through 

will help us so.

So we can hold the heart of this little boy

So we can hold his heart.

We got on a plane, raced through the sky.

Go to the hospital, just in time.

She was barely alive.

Sasha begged her not to die.

And she was helpless in her sorrow.

She couldn’t talk, but tears flowed.

They looked each other in the eyes,

and she had to go.

Beyond the veil, beyond the veil. 

We know it hurts now and it always will.

Please don’t run from your pain.

Stay in your heart and let it drain forever.

Cry it out, whenever you need.

Your heart will stretch, if you don’t forget.

The love your mamma and papa have for you. 

The love they have for you.

It will be alright, just stay in their light 

because they shining it on you.