Waking Bear
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Origin of the 5 Bears

Noah Bears had pocketfuls of songs and Ivy had an itch to get a new band going when the cosmic frequencies of the universe aligned their paths to cross in the beginning of 2018 skyrocketing an epic tale of romance, fun, travel, music and ahem more inner work (two people who had both been single for at least five years previously can be a tricky tango). Yes, it was pretty much an instant love match and they dove in deep in every way.

The more Noah and Ivy spoke with one another about their personal ideas and goals of music, the more they realized they shared a vision for not simply a band, but an entire musical experience involving the creation of an uplifting and sacred space for live shows, ceremony, and music that activates the vibrations of love, joy and healing. Many heart storms and conversations ensued revealing and reveling in a mutual desire to share and express to open hearts and listening ears an overall vibe of happiness, authenticity, abundance, ease and sense of oneness with their global human family.

The two bears knew they could not create this vision alone and most assuredly required a lead guitarist, a bassist and a drummer to bring this musical endeavor to life. With law of attraction tools handy and their understandings of manifesting desires, Noah and Ivy discussed in detail, on many different occasions, the talent and vibes they wished for in these musical mates, followed by a ceremony connecting to their own higher selves and the higher selves of whom they sought, calling in these new friends, staying open to whomever may be aligned for this journey that lay ahead. Posting ads on craigslist, fadcebook and word of mouth, the two then sat back and trusted the right musicians would undoubtedly show up.

One by one, three more bears arrived in divine timing: Daniel on lead guitar, Scott on drums and Scotty on bass guitar (yes, in that order). The talent and connection among and between each of these band mates has surpassed Noah and Ivy’s expectations. There is a simpatico, rapport, authenticity and kindness that surrounds the band like a force field.

As a full band, Waking Bear initially practiced several days a week learning Noah’s pocketfuls of songs as the groundwork. Through the passing of time and getting in synch with one another’s styles through countless jam sessions and song recordings, a new era of original songs are emerging from this collaboration that are amplifying the original intention of high frequency music and giving rise to the power of hearts weaving together their talents to create synergistic magic which can only be accomplished in a collective.

And so continues the journey of the one bear that became two, and the two bears that became five. The five bears comprising Waking Bear are taking inspired actions day to day, and week to week, holding their collective musical vision of love and joy and trusting in the universe to align for their highest good.