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Scotty Jones

Over the years I have played with a multitude of musicians in a carnival of genres. All have had their place in my evolution as a musician and a Bass player. What is essential for me now is sharing my voice with other musicians that vibrate positivity, empathy, compassion, humor and love. These values guide me not only as a performer but as a dad, a music teacher, and as a human.

Waking Bear appeared to me at exactly the right time, as so many things do. Scott, a long-time brother in rhythm and the drummer for Waking Bear, gave me a ring and suggested I audition for a Bass Player opening in the group. Well, the music instantly spoke to me, melodically, lyrically, and rhythmically. I thought, “I’ve got some work to do and some charts to learn!” I noticed the importance of friendship and bonds between band mates. I worked harder. This was a “tribe” I wanted to roll with.
And here I am…on the bio page, honored to be a “Bear”. I totally jive on the creative process with Noah, Ivy, Daniel and Scott. Such remarkable musicians and authentic people. I am thrilled that I’m laying down grooves again. And I am calling out from the highest peak, “I am in love with life and this incredible journey!”